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Tutorial: The easiest way to clean your Electronic Cigar eGo

ByMerak Marey PostedMARCH 28, 2014 Viewed141.7K

If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to clean your eGo Electronic Cigar or any other that uses the tank system then you have reached the right place. This simple way does not require disassembling your cigar as it is a "chemical" cleaning

Why clean the electronic cigarette?
Sometimes when we use the electronic cigarette we get a samor as "metallic" and bitter. This is due to the fact that sometimes we use the cigar while thioene a low level of liquid, so that the electrodes that are responsible for vaporizing the liquid are exposed to the air. Not being covered with liquid and receiving electric current, these electrodes "burn" to put it in some way and hence the strange taste is produced.

To eliminate this unpleasant taste from your electronic cigarette, you only need a full can of soda or soda, a clamp (we will not disassemble anything, do not worry) and ten minutes of your time.


  1. Unscrew your atomizer (the upper part) of the electronic cigarette and empty the liquid if it still contains. You can use tap water to remove all remaining liquid.
  2. Empty a glass or container a little of the soda or soda, enough to cover the atomizer and immerse it in the glass for 10 minutes
    I have used lemon soda to make it look.
  3. While submerged in the vessel, the chemical components of the soda will attack the oxidation deposits that occur in the electrodes, especially ascorbic acid and citric acid.
  4. After ten minutes (it is not necessary to leave it any longer), you take the atomizer out of the glass with soda and put it under the tap to clean with water. If possible use hot water (For that you need the clamp or you will end up with burnt fingers!)
  5. Dry the atomizer by blowing it or shaking it a little. Attention! Do not use heat! Neither tumble dryers nor put it near the burner, it is not necessary, remember that the liquid of the electronic cigarette is in good proportion of water, so something else will not harm you. Screw it back into your battery, fill it with liquid to the top of the measure and vape as if it were new!

If you keep your electronic cigarette with the liquid levels near the top mark then you will have an optimal performance and avoid feeling that unpleasant taste again, but if it comes back then repeat the steps and in a few minutes you will be ready.

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Tutorial: The easiest way to clean your Electronic Cigar eGo If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated way to clean your Tank System Electronic Cigar because here you will see how in 10 minutes you can do it without tools or disarms.
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