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The V2 Electronic Cigarettes arrive in Spain

Buying Electronic Cigarettes in Madrid and Barcelona is already easier. V2 arrives in the European Union.

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One of the leading brands in the world of electronic cigarettes has arrived in Spain and the EU. V2 electronic cigarettes are undoubtedly one of the best products of its kind in the market today, and it is now possible to acquire them in Madrid or Barcelona.
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But according to what has been reported by the Government, Spain is going to ban electronic cigarettes from public places, such as hospitals and schools, because of their "possible health risks." "The objective is to protect the Health of people and avoid possible adverse effects, "Health Minister Ana Mato said in a statement. The minister did not comment on studies already done on e-cigarettes that prove to be much less harmful than Regular tobacco cigarettes.

The ban on the use of battery-operated devices, which contain liquid nicotine that becomes a vapor when inhaled, will also apply to health centers, public administration buildings and public transport. The Ministry of Health reached an agreement to impose restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes with the health departments of 17 autonomous communities in Spain, which are responsible for health care, at a meeting in Madrid. But despite all prohibitions it is believed that the use will be much more liberated for electronic cigarettes than for tobacco alike. Spain if it already prohibits minors from using electronic cigarettes.

Under the anti-smoking law of Spain, one of the strictest in Europe, smoking is prohibited in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, airports, as well as in different places such as hospitals and playgrounds for Children.