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The quickest and easiest guide to finding your ideal e-liquid. Learn about the risks associated with e-liquids. (page 2)

The quickest and easiest way to find out what type of e-liquid is right for you, and also know the risks associated with e-liquids (page 2)

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In terms of flavor, WTA is losing out compared to the other options, being quite insipid unless combined with additional aromas. For lovers of good taste who feel satisfied enough with ordinary e-liquid, WTA's are not really necessary, but if you're more interested in a smoking experience, such as in a robust taste, WTA liquid could be the option you've been looking for.

Risks of Different Tobacco E-Liquids

Traditional Tobacco E-Liquids sweetened - or not - carry the same risks as any other e-liquid, and are the safest option of all The possible tobacco e-liquids you may encounter. Of course, there are still traces of toxins (due to the extraction of nicotine from the tobacco plant), and they can not be considered absolutely safe, but the other options do raise the risk slightly.

Net E-liquids have been studied in comparison to ordinary e-liquids, and the overall results show that while NETs have more tobacco-derived toxins than ordinary e-liquids, quantities are still hundreds of times lower than in The tobacco itself. In other words, it is still almost certainly safer than smoking, but it is not as safe as ordinary e-liquid. Similarly, there is some evidence that NET e-liquids may be more toxic to cells than traditional e-liquids, but again, to a lesser extent than tobacco smoke.

WTAs are probably the most risky type of tobacco e-liquids, but they have not been studied much, so there is a good deal of uncertainty here. The basic question is that with any tobacco extraction (including that used for nicotine in any of the e-liquid or pharmaceutical nicotine products) various chemicals - in particular, tobacco-specific nitrosamines - carcinogens - are They extract in small quantities too. In ordinary e-liquid, these levels are minimal and in line with the amounts present in pharmaceutical nicotine products. In net e-liquids, the levels are a bit higher, due to the extraction of additional flavor. In WTA e-liquids, the levels will be higher still, but - and this is a crucial point - almost certainly lower than in tobacco itself. In addition, there are many other things that you inhale while smoking that come from the combustion process and will not be present in any e-liquid.