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The quickest and easiest guide to finding your ideal e-liquid. Learn about the risks associated with e-liquids. (page 1)

The quickest and easiest way to find out what type of e-liquid is right for you, and also know the risks associated with e-liquids (page 1)

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These are the most popular type of tobacco E-Liquids, for they are more about producing something tasty than trying to capture the taste of tobacco. The downside to this is that they are even less realistic than traditional tobacco E-Liquids. For many, this does not matter too much, but if you are looking for a true taste of tobacco, it is better to look elsewhere.

Naturally, the e-liquids extracted from tobacco (NET) are almost identical to the true taste of tobacco that can be obtained.

In the form of e-liquid. The great difference is that - as its name implies - the flavor is extracted directly from the tobacco leaf by "soaking" the leaves in PG and/or VG (the two "bases" components of e-liquid) to produce an extract realistic. This extraction is either with the aid of heat, or in macerated cold, with the first producing a more pronounced flavor and the second for the production of a more nuanced and complex final product.

The benefit of TNE for tobacco lovers is that the characteristics of the different varieties of tobacco are preserved, allowing a greater exploration of the spectrum of available tobacco flavors. Indeed, if you make a burley tobacco extract, it will taste like burley, and if you make a perique tobacco extract, it will taste like perique. One thing to keep in mind is that the "taste of tobacco" in the context of e-liquid means that it is the taste of fresh tobacco, not the taste of smoke produced by combustion (which is more like the smell of a Cigarette or a tobacco pipe ball).

WTA E-Liquids

Full Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) e-liquids are a completely different beast. Flavor is not the main concern of the WTA e-liquids; Which is a method used to capture the physiological effects of smoking more closely than traditional e-liquids. The central point is that nicotine is just one of several alkaloids in tobacco, and these have an important role to play in the sensation of smoking a cigarette. The goal is to produce something that satisfies cravings in the same way as smoking, and produces similar calming effects. If you find that the other drugs do not hit the spot and it is costing you a lot of work to quit as a result, opting for a WTA e-liquid might be the best option.