The quickest and easiest guide to finding your ideal e-liquid. Learn about the risks associated with e-liquids.

The quickest and easiest way to find out what type of e-liquid is right for you, and also know the risks associated with e-liquids

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The e-liquid industry is a crowded place. For the smoker with the aim of replacing their habit of smoking tobacco with the steam of an electronic cigar, the adventure through this real labyrinth of e-liquids in search of a pleasant taste, can be a challenge. What are the main types of e-liquid tobacco? What is e-Net NET? What is a WTA e-liquid? Which one tastes better? Are there additional risks to think about? Here is a brief review of the options.

Traditional Tobacco E-Liquids

Most tobacco flavored e-liquids simply attempt to recreate tobacco flavor using natural and artificial flavorings. In fact, these are "normal", traditional e-liquids that claim to reproduce the flavor of tobacco, and - frankly - often fail miserably in capturing some element of true taste (often with a flavor that is stale and Unpleasant) .. actually do not hit the target too well.

 Some mixers consume absolute tobacco or tobacco extract (these are more or less the same thing), they offer a dry, smoky ash taste and can bring much more authenticity to the taste of an e-liquid. These extracts are very concentrated, however, if the dosage of flavoring is too much in an e-liquid the taste can quickly become unpleasant. In addition, the taste of absolute tobacco is only that of a variety of tobacco, and so does not allow the exploration of the variety of tobaccos by the connoisseurs.

Sweetened, E-Style Tobacco RY4 These are effectively the same as traditional choices, but they take a step forward in the natural tobacco flavor by adding sweet elements to the flavor. RY4s is the archetypal e-liquid of these variants, which use caramel and vanilla to make a sweeter juice that still has a tobacco flavor in its baseline to meet the needs of smokers. There is a lot of variety in sweetened tobacco e-liquids, however, many incorporate fruit or even candy items to produce a delicious e-liquid.