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The new fashion: Vapear Caffeine: Benefits and Risks (page 1)

Would you believe that vapear caffeine is the new fashion among some of the vapors? Well, it seems that way! (page 1)

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 Caffeine is a substance that most of us consume every day (taking an average of 300 mg per day), obviously not much to worry about. There are some potential risks, but it has never been associated with serious health effects. It is slightly addictive, but there are also some positive effects. We all know that too much coffee can keep you awake, but that can also lead to anxiety in some cases, but the main risk of inhaled caffeine seems to be in overeating.

Taking too much will give you headaches (which will probably keep you from going much further), but serious overdoses could be dangerous - leading to tachycardia, vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation and possibly seizures and even death. However, the toxic dose of caffeine is estimated at about 150 to 200 mg per kg, equivalent to about 118 cups of coffee. If we take 15 puffs as equivalent to a cup, then it would take an unlikely 1,770 puffs to have a caffeine overdose through the vaping, and we needed to take them fairly quickly (and this is all we can assume being absorbed Effectively through inhalation). In short, unless you have a set of mechanical lungs, it probably will not happen.

The main problem, however, is a simple question: why take the risk of blowing caffeine instead of drinking it? For nicotine, vapers have been conditioned to consume it by inhalation through years of smoking, but the habitual coffee drinker has no such motivation. The inhalation of something that is not air is generally - and understandably - not recommended, so it is worth asking if it is really worth consuming the same substance in a way that probably carries more risks, when it could easily Have a cup of coffee or an energy drink?

Perhaps in some situations where it is not feasible to carry drinks with you, it would be understandable (if you really need caffeine), but given the uncertainty, the usefulness of caffeine vapear seems limited. Voting nicotine is replacing an undeniably deadly habit with one that probably only carries very small risks - a definite net gain - but caffeine vaping seems to be changing an innocuous custom for one probably a little more dangerous. Not that it's going to be a serious health problem, but it seems more like an unnecessary risk, do not you think?