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The Electronic Cigarette is priceless

Electronic Cigarettes are priced, but it depends on how much you want to buy. And if the interested is Altria the price can be very high !.

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The price of an electronic cigarette can vary, depending on the country, from $ 18 ($ 13) to $ 130 (â,95) depending on brand and country ... but, what if you want to buy them all ?!

Tobacco giant Altria Group (maker of Marlboro) has reached an agreement to buy Florida-based e-cig Green Smoke, which marks another milestone for e-cig's "Big Tobacco Industry" expansion.

Following in the footsteps of Lorillard, who bought the blu eCigs in 2012 and SkyCig (UK) a year later, the manufacturer has signed one of the leading brands for the sum of $ 110 million. The decision is made while Altria's proprietary e-cig, the Markten, is still at the testing stage in Arizona and Indiana, and potentially represents an acknowledgment that established e-cig independent companies are one more investment Safe for a tobacco company.

Altria's move to the e-cig market