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The Electronic Cigarette Crash Test ... Beware!

Scams abound in the hectic world of electronic cigarettes, learn here how to avoid being a victim anymore!

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The "free" electronic cigarette fraud test

Frequently browsing the Web for information or offers you will find offers of "free" e-cigarette tests. For a small fee, you will receive an electronic cigarette battery, a USB charger and a spare cartridges - a basic starter kit. If you keep with the electronic cigarette, you will automatically receive a supply of refill cartridges every month. At first glance, this may seem like a decent bargain. However, I've never seen a free trial version of e-cigarette other than a scam. If you fall victim to one, there is a good chance that your spirit of e-smoker will be turned off for life. Know why you should stay away, far from these offers.

Let's see for example the free electric cigarette "A" (It is not going to name the mark to avoid any conflict of interest .. and the consequent demands ..: P). Under the terms of this electronic cigarette that is offered free trial, you have 14 days to cancel your subscription if you want to avoid future charges.

However, the 14 days begin the day your order is issued, and NOT from the time you receive the electronic cigarette, therefore, all the time that the cigarette passes in the delivery system runs against the time it takes Has to evaluate the product as such. If you get your e-cigarette after the 14 days have elapsed, bad luck.