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The eGo Electronic Cigarette

The eGo Electronic Cigarette is a rechargeable electronic cigarette with many advantages over the most realistic electronic cigarettes

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The eGo is a highly rated rechargeable electronic cigarette that employs a tank system. When fully charged and filled with E-liquid, the eGo E-Cig will give you up to 500 drafts. Electronic cigarettes eGo took a big boom when you started looking for solutions to the problem of low-performance electronic cigarettes. Many of these had a very similar appearance to the actual cigarettes but due to its small size it was enough with only a few drafts to have to recharge them. In addition, the duration of the cartomizadores remained very poor.

The eGo electronic cigarette (or similar) features a tank system in which it can store several milliliters of e-liquid without having to refill or change so often. In addition, its battery is much larger and can be used for considerable periods of time without recharging.

electronic cigarette eGo Although its appearance and size are far from resembling a real cigarette, eGo electronic cigarettes have become one of the Of the serious blowers