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The best brands of Electronic Cigarette

ByMerak Marey PostedOCTOBER 1, 2018 Viewed30.8K

Which are the best brands of electronic cigarettes ?. Many wonder the same thing. In recent times the competition has become extremely strong. So much so that even the big tobacco companies have made their bets, trying to secure a position in the huge market that grows more and more every day.

The relationship between electronic cigarettes and "Big Tobacco" is complicated, since they are technically the industries that compete with each other for the same nicotine market. However, the three American tobacco giants, RJ Reynolds, Lorillard and now Altria, as well as British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco, have now made their move into the best e-cigs, evidently recognizing a relevant and promising investment opportunity when Is presented.

Here is a brief review of the incursions of tobacco giants in the industry of the best e-cigs:

Altria Group - Green Smoke

Altria Group Has decided to buy the cigarettes for the modest price of $ 110 million dollars. Altria is apparently betting heavily on the e-cigs market as Altria's proprietary e-cig, the Markten, is still in testing in Arizona and Indiana.

RJ Reynolds - vUtilice

RJ Reynolds has chosen to make his own e- cig instead of seizing an affordable, preset brand. Under the subsidiary RJ Reynolds Vapor, its brand VUtilice aims to offer advanced e-cig technology with a microprocessor dedicated to ensuring the production of constant steam and nicotine supply (which has the potential to be a requirement of the next regulations ). This is accompanied by some additional changes such as snap-on connections and encrypted cartridges (to ensure that only reload officers can be used) that add to the trend of technological advancements. The product is still only available in the Denver, Colorado area, however, there are only two starter kits, as well as tobacco or menthol flavors in the cartridges.

Lorillard - blu and SkyCig

Lorillard was the first tobacco company to make an incursion into the e- cig market, acquiring blu electronic cigarettes in April 2012 for $ 135 million. The independently-owned company in Charlotte already had a retail distribution, and was purchased after securing $ 30 million in sales over the previous year. The following year, Lorillard reached an agreement for the UK-based SkyCig in an agreement of $ 50 million up front with a maximum additional payment of $ 50 million depending on its financial performance up to 2016.

They have undoubtedly been the most willing to get involved with e-cigs from tobacco companies, and their overall approach seems successful, with blu still holding most of the retail sales e-cig . Their general approach seems to be to let the companies follow as before with some additional supervision. Effectively not playing too much with companies has already been successful

British American Tobacco - Vype

British American Tobacco has opted to create His own e- cig, made the announcement in late July 2013 and made product launch in September. The e-liquid is made in the UK, which acts as a quality guarantee for vapers, and is available in a disposable model, as well as a rechargeable option. As with many tobacco company products, it is targeted at more traditional smokers, with a similar appearance to cigarettes and only tobacco and menthol flavors are available.

Imperial Tobacco - Market entry Planning

Imperial Tobacco does not rush into investments like Lorillard or Altria, instead of focusing on its own product due to go on sale in Some time this year. The group has acquired the intellectual property of China Dragonite, and its executive director Alison Cooper commented that "We have been working on this for a long time, we just want to get things right." Put something awesome together, but if they are going to live up to expectations, there is still to be seen.

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