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The 10 Little Known Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

ByMerak Marey PostedOCTOBER 1, 2018 Viewed8.5K

The electronic cigarette was introduced in the US market. In 2007 and offers the nicotine addict an alternative to smoking. Most e-cigs are quite similar in appearance to normal cigarettes, but a look inside and you will see the main difference: Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Instead, there is a mechanism that heats the liquid nicotine, which turns into a vapor that smokers inhale and exhale. Manufacturers and satisfied customers say that this nicotine vapor offers many advantages over traditional cigarette smoke, however, regulatory agencies and some health experts are not very sure. They are asking questions about the possible side effects of inhaling nicotine vapor, as well as other health risks that electronic cigarettes may pose - both to users and to the public. Those requesting strict regulations on electronic cigarettes request that these devices be considered illegal until appropriate research trials have been carried out to prove they are safe.

Because they do not contain tobacco, electronic cigarettes are not subject to US tobacco laws, which means that they can be purchased without proof of age, especially on the Internet. This raises the concern that e-cigs may be particularly attractive to children and may encourage nicotine addiction among young people. And while manufacturers claim that it is the "smoking" cigarette anywhere, regulatory agencies around the world are taking a close look at these devices to institute a number of restrictions on their use. Defenders Of the e-cigarette say that they feel better with the device than they did when they were smoking cigarettes, and that because the electronic cigarette is reusable, it saves them money. Some also state that e-cig has been very effective in helping them quit smoking. But is the e-cigarette as safe as its users - including celebrities like Katherine Heigl - believe? Is it a healthier choice, or the most risky choice? And what does the FDA do about it? Before considering taking the e-cigarette habit, read on to know the 10 most important facts related to electronic cigarettes.

10: No Smoking
Electronic cigarettes are designed to look like normal cigarettes, but there is one important difference: You do not need a match or lighter to use them. Instead, they have a battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge filled with nicotine liquid. Suck on the device like a normal cigarette, and the device heats the liquid and changes it to a steam full of nicotine. Inhale to deliver the nicotine to the lungs, and then exhale the vapor. It seems like he is smoking a normal cigarette, but there is no smell, because nothing is burning.

9: Safety concerns
Many regulatory agencies and health experts are not sure that the cigarette electronic cigarette is safe. While there are hundreds of companies in the United States that are only making and selling electronic cigarettes, manufacturers often do not make specific safety and health claims about their products. They, however, try to sell the benefits of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and some health experts are concerned that the side effects of pure nicotine inhalation have not yet been adequately studied, and therefore unknown. The FDA is also concerned about quality control, ensuring that some manufacturers can not properly disclose all the chemical ingredients in electronic cigarettes, and that the amount of nicotine that appears on the cartridge label may not match the amount Cartridge.

8: Nicotine levels
An electronic cigarette can contain as much nicotine as a regular cigarette - or more. The amount of nicotine that an electronic cigarette delivers depends on the contents of the liquid-nicotine cartridge installed in it. Customers can choose cartridges containing nicotine in a number of strengths. Some are comparable to the amount of nicotine in a normal cigarette, while others are closer to that of a light or ultralight cigarette. There are also cartridges that contain liquid without nicotine, for users who want the sensory experience of smoking without its effects.

7: Manufacturers and sellers
Electronic cigarettes are sold internationally, and can be easily purchased online. They were originally invented in China by a company called Ruyan, but are now produced by several companies in the United States, Europe and around the world. Because the FDA has seized shipments of electronic cigarettes and its components on the grounds that they are illegal drug release devices, some companies, including Tennessee-based cigar companies, have begun manufacturing Electronic cigarette in the United States instead of importing them [source: Kesmodel and Yadron]. Many e-cig manufacturers sell their products online, along with the necessary cartridges, batteries and other accessories.

6: Not Suitable for Children
Electronic cigarette manufacturers are careful not to market their products directly to young people. However, nicotine cartridges for the e-cigarette come in a wide range of flavors that can attract children - chocolate, candy, strawberry and even chewing gum. And because electronic cigarettes are sold online, it is easier for children to buy them than it is for them to buy regular cigarettes. For example, US law Requires consumers to provide evidence that they are at least 18 years of age to purchase tobacco cigarettes, but this law does not apply to e-cig vendors. And youngsters can be attracted to electronic cigarettes as a result of publicity that has given them the celebrities and attention they are bringing to them: Johnny Depp uses one in the movie "The Tourist" and "Gray's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl shares one with David Letterman during a special appearance on his show, without even explaining to the public how it works

5: They are expensive
Electronic cigarettes come in a price range, depending on the manufacturer, model and style. A typical starter kit, containing the e-cigarette device, a battery and several cartridges, can cost anywhere from $ 60 to $ 150. A pack of five cartridges (each cartridge equals about one pack of cigarettes) goes around Of $ 10, making the equivalent of a regular packet of tobacco cost only $ 2. Consumers can also purchase the liquid in bulk and refill their own cartridges, which reduces the cost.

4: Maintenance Required
Electronic cigarettes are made from rechargeable batteries, which must be charged regularly. Some users have complained about the need to replace batteries too often, though this may depend on the quality of the device and the battery purchased. It also needs to be replenished regularly, either by inserting a new cartridge or recharging a vacuum with the liquid. The nicotine liquid is sold in bulk for consumers who prefer this more eco-friendly option (and more cheap).

3: Not Regulated by the FDA
FDA is in the process of labeling e-cigarettes as a drug delivery device so they can be regulated. Manufacturers, however, say that the e-cigarette is simply recreational, and should not be subject to regulation by the FDA. Two e-cigarette companies, Smoke Everywhere and NJOY, sued the FDA in the District Court of the District of Columbia to seize their products, and won. The judge ruled that "there is no basis for the FDA to treat electronic cigarettes ... as a combination of drug devices when the only thing they intend to do is offer consumers the same recreational effects as a normal cigarette" [Source : US District Court].

2: Public Places
The regulation of electronic cigarette use is still evolving, as the product is relatively new. Manufacturers usually advertise electronic cigarettes as cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, saying they pose no health risks because they do not emit secondhand smoke. However, health experts say there is no basis for a safety claim, since electronic cigarettes have not been properly tested. Regulations vary, but some countries, such as Australia, Canada, Israel and Mexico, have banned electronic cigarettes. Others consider that electronic cigarettes are legal, but they are in the process of legislating where and how people can use them.

1: Secondhand Steam
While electronic cigarettes do not produce secondhand smoke, they do produce second hand steam. And even though manufacturers say it is simply water vapor and therefore harmless, regulatory agencies and health experts say that electronic cigarette manufacturers have not carried out the research needed to prove this. Some people, especially those with health conditions that make them sensitive, have reported that the vapor is irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, and that it affects the breath and makes them feel nauseous. Opponents of electronic cigarettes say people should not be subject to secondhand steam until manufacturers have proven safe for everyone, including children, the elderly, and people with certain medical conditions. P

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