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SuperSmoker Bluetooth: A New Smokio?

Last News! Like the Smokio, the SuperSmoker Bluetooth is an Electronic Cigarette that connects to your phone but its functions are very different.

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Never seen before! An electronic cigarette with Bluetooth functionality. When connected to a phone, you can make and receive calls on the e-cigarette while you smoke! Or listen to your favorite songs from your phone through the e-cigarette with built-in speaker !. As its tech neighbor Smokio , the SuperSmoker connects through the Bluetooth interface of your phone. supersmoker bluetooth electronic cigarette

Announced on the device's product page, the Bluetooth SuperSmoker is a new type of electronic cigarette that can be paired with a smart phone for useful functions as a pair. For example, when someone calls, a SuperSmoker Bluetooth user simply actuates the middle button of the e-cigarette and is able to start talking using the microphone and the built-in speaker. There is no need to be near the smart phone or even pick it up while the Bluetooth SuperSmoker has already been paired with the smart phone before the call.

In addition to answering and hanging calls using the central button, the other two buttons make the functions of control of music devices. For example, tapping one of the buttons will increase or decrease the volume of the music played through the speaker. Alternatively, if you hold down the button, you will advance to the next song or go back to the previous song in the current playlist. supersmoker Bluetooth electronic cigarette functions

Of course, the disadvantage of Bluetooth SuperSmoker is the loudspeaker plays music for everyone to hear. Since there is no headphone jack included with the device, users will also be able to hear their calls, basically identic to use the handsfree function on a smart phone.