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Study on Electronic Cigarettes

A new scientific study on electronic cigarettes shows the real risks of second-hand vapors

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A recent study on electronic cigarettes has provided new data on the alleged risks of absorbing second hand vapors, a recent concern of many, and why the use of cigarettes in public has been banned in some places.

"There is an ongoing public debate whether electronic cigarettes should be allowed or banned in public space," study co-author Maciej Goniewicz told Reuters Health in an e-mail.Goniewicz is a Cancer Researcher in the Department's Behavior "Electronic cigarettes contain varying amounts of nicotine and some traces of toxic substances, but very little is known to what extent non-users may be exposed to nicotine. Nicotine and other chemicals in situations where they are present in the same room with users of electronic cigarettes, "said Goniewicz.

He and his colleagues conducted two studies on exposure to secondhand e-cigarette vapor in a laboratory. Their results were published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research.

In the first study, the researchers used an electronic smoking machine to generate steam in an enclosed space. The amount of nicotine, as well as carbon monoxide and other gases and potentially harmful particles in the camera were measured.