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Smokio: The Electronic Cigarette Connected.

Smokio connects to your phone and sends you data about your vomiting habits. A bell in Kickstarter is being prepared according to rumors

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Smokio , the French company and newly created company, has developed the first electronic cigarette in the world that communicates with a mobile application to give smokers accurate statistics on their consumption, reports France Mobiles. The "coach" application also accounts for the many smokers who have taken the non-quit traditional steam-based electronic cigarettes. Smokio electronic cigarette

Smokio may seem just another one of the current crop of smoking cessation aids, but it happens that it is able to sync with the smart phone. In doing so, you access the ability to track how much you have smoked, where you have smoked, and even figure out how many equivalent analog cigarettes would have been inhaled if you had not made the change. Other features include the ability to check the battery and regulate the amount of smoke you get with every breath. application mobil smokio electronic cigarette

The Smokio e-cigarette chip and the application itself were developed entirely in France, according to co-founder Alexandre Prot. The Smokio kit goes for about EUR 79.90 including a battery, two clearomizer filters ", A USB charger and a bottle of" e-liquid "nicotine-free. Unfortunately, Smokio e-cigarettes are not yet available for purchase. Its developers are apparently preparing to launch a financing campaign on Kickstarter although to date there is nothing on the move. According to the official website of the product, Smokio will be ready for shipment in March 2014. The mobil application will only be supported on IOS 6.1 and Android 4.3 or higher

The chip is built into the battery. The free application offers data on the number of sheds, the estimated cigarette equivalent, the savings made, a map of where the owner uses the device, as well as health indicators such as the amount of nicotine removed, Levels of oxygen in the blood, risk of a heart attack and an estimate of the number of life expectancy days gained. smokio cigarette Smart electronic<div style=

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