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Smoking: Is it really a pleasure?

ByMerak Marey PostedFEBRUARY 27, 2014 Viewed6.2K

Did you know that smoking is the second leading cause of death in the world? Such dependence causes serious conditions in our vital organs, however, the number of consumers rises every day.

In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that this addiction takes many lives, indicating that there is an increase in the number of dependents.

On the other hand, despite the damage caused by the human being in his organism, it also causes a negative impact on society, the economy and the environment. Doesn't the smoker understand that his life remains years old when he is saturated with tobacco?

We have repeatedly heard the sentence that smoking is a pleasure, but it is a paradox, because the greatest pleasure that exists is to love life. We must see it as a gift, it would be unfair to dispense with it as unconscious, or perhaps for not knowing how to relate the knowledge of this subject.
Accumulated evidence shows that tobacco damages almost every organ in the body.

Its consumption causes most cases of lung cancer and has been associated with many other types of neoplasms, such as those affecting the cervix or kidney.

Other health risks associated with tobacco are heart attacks, strokes, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

In the case of women they are exposed to infertility, in pregnant women it can cause spontaneous abortion and newborns, children of smokers, are born underweight in general.

Tobacco addicts develop dependence and suffer withdrawal symptoms when they do not consume it. According to WHO, if the current trend is not reversed, smoking will cause some 10 million people to die each year until 2020.

This means that of the 1.3 billion smokers that exist, many will die prematurely.

We consider it pertinent to persuade consumers to give up this bad habit and encourage them to show full and toxin-free health. And above all, do not forget that stopping smoke represents a health benefit for those who do it and also for those around them.

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