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Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes in Paraguay

Smoking in Paraguay continues to take lives while electronic cigarettes are gaining momentum in the country.

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Fun fact: A group of researchers from the University of Virginia Commonwealth have found that Viagra may be useful in treating prostate cancer when used in combination with doxorubicin. The combination of drugs has also been found useful in the treatment of ovarian and stomach cancer.

Smoking in Paraguay is serious business. About 400 deaths from lung cancer are reported annually in the country, said Dr. Josà Mayans, and adding to the cardiovascular problems produced by smoking, deaths amount to 1,000 per year.

According to the doctor, each cancer patient costs the state between G. 35 million and G. 40 million, about $ 8700 USD. In Paraguay, 50% of smokers are women.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay approved a controversial bill that opens the possibility of smoking in closed places and makes more flexible the regulations on the warnings in the packs, all because of the accusations of part pressure Of tobacco companies.

But in Paraguay a new invention is becoming fashionable: The Electronic Cigarette, smokeless, without cyanide, without tobacco, and without cancer. They can already be purchased for about 400,000 G ($ 86 USD) although they are not of recognized marks. They can also be imported from the United States for products of higher quality and renown. In our section of Shops you can find the V2 that they send to Paraguay.