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Scientific Study: Can I Use Electronic Cigarettes During Pregnancy?

ByMerak Marey PostedAPRIL 3, 2014 Viewed36.8K

Smoking during pregnancy has long been known to put the baby at risk, but definitely the same can not be said for nicotine replacement therapy with electronic cigars.

In practice, many physicians recommend nicotine replacement therapy for pregnant smokers because there is a general belief that it is safer than smoking, but nicotine crosses the placental barrier, so it has been shown Which has effects differently from smoking tobacco.

 Studies conducted in India have confirmed that smokeless tobacco outcomes influence weight reduction at birth, and there is evidence of an effect on the mother's and fetus's heart from the use of nicotine replacement therapy, but The effect is small, apart from the fact that very large doses have been used in animal studies. However, unrefined oral tobacco used (chewing tobacco known as "snus") in India may worsen the results.

However, there was still an (albeit smaller) impact on the baby in this research, as Professor Brad Rodu of the University of Louisville points out:

Pregnant women should refrain from using all tobacco/nicotine products. In use of the best available scientific evidence, the health risks of cigarette smoking can be estimated at 1% or less than that of regular cigarette smoking. However, that general statement has one important exception: pregnancy. As I discussed in my blog, pregnant women who consume snus - no doubt the nicotine/tobacco form with the safest health profile among long-term users - are at risk of giving birth to babies They have also moderately elevated the risks for premature delivery and preeclampsia, premature delivery and stillbirth. Because snus contains low levels of pollutants, these effects may be due to nicotine.

So what does all this mean for pregnant women who use electronic cigars? Â

The bottom line is that it is not recommended to consume nicotine during pregnancy, but the reason doctors usually recommend patches and gum for pregnant smokers is that it is very unlikely to be as great as a baby risk such as smoking.

It is best to try to maintain abstinence for the sake of caution, but if that is not possible, keep the doses as low as possible. Again, this is only general information on the basis of the limited available evidence; If you are pregnant you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use electronic cigarettes.

Research has also shown that breastfeeding mothers expose their babies to nicotine through their milk, but it has also been seen that the use of nicotine replacement therapy is considered a lot more S sure to smoke, and this advice should also keep during the vaping. Again, if you are worried, talk to your doctor.

 Professor Polosa on the use of cigars or electronic cigarettes during pregnancy.

 Pregnancy is known to be affected by cigarette smoking and it is essential for pregnant women to quit smoking as soon as possible. Nicotine easily crosses the placental barrier. Most of the studies that find low birth weight and the adverse effects of nicotine use come from studies conducted in India where cheap unrefined oral tobacco products are very popular. In contrast, studies in Sweden came to the conclusion that birth weight reduction users were significantly lower in "snus" (refined oral tobacco product and under TSNAs) compared to light or heavy smokers. For those who can not quit smoking, the benefits of quitting using a cleaner form of nicotine are greater than the risks of smoking. Electronic cigarettes should be evaluated in this context. - Professor Riccardo Polosa Â


 Although you will reduce your total damage with electronic cigars, if you are allergic to ingredients, suffer from potentially affected conditions or are pregnant, it is a good idea to consult with a physician before assuming that It can blow away! It is unlikely to be a problem, but in some cases it is definitely to walk on the side of caution.

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