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Public Health of England: E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes (page 2)

The UK Public Health Ministry says in official reports that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes (page 2)

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Among other findings, the report notes that:

  • There is no evidence that electronic cigarettes are having a negative effect on the decline in smoking rates, and are actually likely to be helping in the Fight against smoking. The use of E-cigarettes is not a "renormalization" of smoking.
  • The hypothesis of the gateway is poorly defined, and there is no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are serving as a gate Of consumption. It is even suggested that the use of this terminology should be completely abandoned until the hypothesis can really be tested (do not hold your breath waiting for that to happen).
  • Regular Vaping among Non-Smokers Adults or juveniles) is uncommon (consistently at 0.2 percent or less). Experimentation is quite common, but seldom progresses to regular vaping.
  • There is evidence that electronic cigarettes help smokers quit, and that they help reduce the amount they smoke. In addition, the report recognizes its apparent efficacy among those who do not intend to quit smoking. They also ask for more research in this area in general.
  • Electronic cigarettes pose no risk of nicotine poisoning when used as directed, but e-liquid should be sold in packs Child-proof. There is no cause for concern about the accuracy of nicotine labeling, despite frequent statements to the contrary.
  • The limits on nicotine content of e-liquids by EU regulations Will likely negatively affect the heaviest smokers looking to make the change.
  • Regulators should consider the extent to which currently proposed standards will restrict the availability of safe and effective products - The goal should be to maximize the benefits of electronic cigarettes while keeping risks to a minimum. They add that "The attractiveness of [electronic cigarettes] may rest on the fact that they are not drugs."
  • There is no reason to treat electronic cigarettes in the same way as cigarettes. They say that it is not appropriate to include the e-cigarette in smoke-free policies in health trusts and prisons "unless there is a sound justification for doing so."
  • There are no health risks identified by Use of the e-cigarette to transeurs, and levels of nicotine released are insignificant.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine study on formaldehyde and mouse study suggesting a reduction in antibacterial defenses Were poorly performed and do not represent a realistic concern for the vapers.

E-cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes, but almost half of the public thinks otherwise

The Public Perception of Vaping Risks

One of the key points of Public Health in England that are pushing with the release of the new report is the evidence-based conclusion that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than cigarettes - and possibly even More secure than that. The reason for this is that the public - most of whom only learn about electronic cigarettes through often-addicted research news reports-- do not seem to accept this conclusion.