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No smoking: New study indicates that Electronic Cigarettes help control smoking cravings

To not smoke a new study at a University adds evidence of the efficacy of Electronic Cigarettes in reducing smoking habit

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A new hint for non-smoking is found in a new research from the University of East London that has added another proof that electronic cigarettes are very effective at reducing cravings and achieving no smoking. A total of 88 percent of the sample reported at least a significant reduction in tobacco use.

The full study is available in the June issue of Addiction magazine, and provides evidence supporting many things the vaping community has been aware of for a long time. This article presents the research and analyzes the most important - and notable - findings.


The study was based on the responses of 1,347 users of electronic cigarettes and it is mainly composed of ex-smokers (83 percent of the sample). The questions The questions assessed the use by participants of electronic cigarettes and cigarettes (with ex-smokers), and also related questions about things like side effects and how they impacted on their cravings.

The main finding

The most important finding made by the study was that 74 percent of the sample reported that they had not re-smoked from several weeks to several months after starting to use Electronic cigarettes. This is practically three-quarters of the sample - and prospects for e-cig further illuminate when an additional 14 percent said that their cigarette consumption had declined dramatically.