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Nicotine poisoning for using an electronic cigarette

Is it possible to poison yourself with nicotine for using an electronic cigarette? The answer to the question in this new scientific study.

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Numerous sources will tell you that nicotine is three times more poisonous than arsenic, and that you only need 60 mg to kill an adult, but is it really something that vapors need to worry about? Could the vaping be the way to a fatal nicotine overdose? Or do you have to possess a superhuman lung pair and be fumigating high concentration nicotine through a smoke machine to even have a chance that something fatal will happen to you?

With the recent research study of nicotine delivery through first- and new-generation devices and some up-to-date information on nicotine toxicity, it is possible to make a tentative estimate of the potential for nicotine An overdose of nicotine through vaping.

The toxic dose of nicotine The figure of 60 mg (or even as low as 30 mg) for the dose of nicotine that has a 50 percent kill of a human being is even quoted By numerous sources and can be found in a wide range of textbooks, but it is very likely to be just simply a mistake. Bernd Mayer investigated the origin of the rumor and finally found its way to an old textbook containing a rather speculative paragraph based on some experiments carried out in the nineteenth century. The basic procedure involved in the same experimenters giving doses between 1 to 4 mg of nicotine and documenting the effects. Along with things like increased salivation, nausea and vomiting (symptoms that are to be expected in nicotine poisonings), the experimenters reported seizures and loss of consciousness. The problem is that 4 mg of nicotine is the equivalent of smoking around two cigarettes, and if seizures and loss of consciousness were common in this small dose, smoking areas would literally be full of people convulsing.

Hence comes the erroneous estimate of 60 mg for the lethal dose, which has been quite unthinkingly repeated since then. Mayer estimates (based on reports of nicotine concentrations in the plasma of people who had a fatal nicotine overdose, as well as the large doses that people have survived) are more likely to have the necessary concetration for That the nicotine is lethal is between 500 mg and 1000 mg on average in an adult of average size, corresponding to a dose of 6.5 to 13 mg/kg of weight. In terms of plasma concentration, the old estimate assumed a nicotine concentration of 0.18 mg/L, while the new estimate was 4 mg/L.