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News about scientific study of electronic cigarettes and their health risks (page 1)

New news on nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes and the controversy whether they are a risk or not for health. (page 1)

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The result may be atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, a common cause of heart attacks. The research was just reported, for which Hai only provided a summary, shows that the process occurs during the administration of nicotine, even without the cigarette smoke.

"Cancer of blood vessels"
Hai subjected rat and human vascular smooth muscle cells to nicotine for six hours. He said that nicotine stimulates the rosettes to traverse the cell's defenses.

Hai describes atherosclerosis as a kind of "blood vessel cancer," which leads to plaque buildup and blockage of the arteries.

"Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, but nicotine is the main chemical that causes cigarette smoking," Hai said in a statement to Health Line.