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News about scientific study of electronic cigarettes and their health risks

New news on nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes and the controversy whether they are a risk or not for health.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes a Health Risk? A Brown University scientist claims that prolonged exposure to nicotine, even delivered by methods other than cigarettes, may increase the risk of developing potentially fatal heart disease.

It is the latest research into questioning the safety of electronic cigarettes, a popular substitute for smoking tobacco cigarettes, which are known to be harmful.

Chi-Ming Hai released her findings at the American Society of Cardiology, the American Society of Cardiology and the American Society of Cardiology. For the annual meeting of Cell Biology, in New Orleans. The presentation is derived from the work published last year in the journal Vascular Pharmacology.

Hai studied how nicotine and cigarette smoke extract stimulate the formation of rosettes on the surface of the cells. Rosettes behave like drill holes for drilling through a scaffold that protects the vascular cells in the heart.