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More than 20,000 smokers quit smoking in the UK in 2014 thanks to Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes

According to a recent study more than 20,000 smokers quit smoking in the UK in 2014 thanks to Electronic Cigarettes and replacement therapies

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Thousands of UK smokers quit smoking by Vaping If you believe in what the media or open critics of electronic cigarettes say, it affects public health and prevents control Of tobacco, one might think that electronic cigarettes would be a bad thing for the population. They say that vaping will serve as a gateway to smoking, and will only serve to undermine attempts to quit, and of course, that is why it is not too surprising that many are not sure if cigarettes Are a positive development at all. But a new analysis of data from the UK has revealed that electronic cigarettes have resulted in an additional 16,000 to 22,000 smokers quit in 2014 alone.

Professor Robert West, lead author of the study, commented, "E-cigarettes appear to be helping a significant number of smokers quit, and many would not have tried, but not as many as some enthusiasts claim, however , Is a substantial number. "

The Analysis - How Did They Come Up with Estimation?

Robert West and his colleagues Leon Shahab and Jamie Brown used data from the Smoking Toolkit Study, basing the analysis of the 2014 data because Is the most recent year for which complete statistics are available. The entire article aims to basically consist of using known statistics about the number of people who tried to quit smoking and about vaping, and ecig success rates to get to the figure.

First, they worked with the number of smokers who have tried to quit smoking in 2014, almost 3.16 million. Of these, approximately 28 percent had attempted to stop smoking by vaping without the use of prescription drugs or behavioral therapies - equivalent to about 891,000 people. If I had tried to stop smoking "in the cold" or with the use of nicotine replacement therapy without a prescription, 5 percent of them would have been successful, but Vaping to stop smoking increases the rate by one 50 percent, so the rate should be about 7.5 percent. This means that the 2.5 percent group that was able to stop smoking by vaping is about 22,000 people.