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Last News! Another attempt to prohibit Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids that are used in them.

In this new attempt to drown the industry of the Electronic Cigarettes the new proposal aims to attack the e-liquid that contains the nicotine and thus asphyxia to the consumers and manufacturers.

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A senator from the state of Long Island has introduced legislation that would ban the sale in New York of all so-called e-liquids, the fluids popularly used in electronic cigars.

State Sen. Kemp Hannon (R -Garden City) said he is aware that his bill, which was introduced last week, is bound to generate the ire of e-cigar users, most of whom attest The safety of devices - and liquids - and want them free of restrictions.

There is no accompanying bill in the Senate bill recently introduced by Hannon.

"I know this bill will make some people angry," said Hannon, "and I'll tell you how upset they are: The year we passed legislation that says electronic cigars could be Sold only to people over the age of 18, I had a bill to ban electronic cigars altogether. "