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Is it true that Electronic Cigarette is the cause of many fires?

ByMerak Marey PostedMARCH 4, 2015 Viewed8.1K

The press and the media seem to have something in common against the use of electronic cigarettes. Newspapers are awash with shocking news about the dangers associated with e-cigs and their charging devices as a cause of household fires, due to battery fires and such. But this is an excellent example of wrong and sensational journalism that does the opposite of good journalism and in fact what it does is misinform the public. Almost all lithium battery fires occur due to user error, and can occur with any type of device such as cellular phones. In fact, the rate of smokers switching to vaping has helped reduce home fires related to smoking tobacco.

From statistics to sensational news

The "big press" has a way of projecting data to create a false perception. Whether the shocking headlines are to get attention (and by the way increase sales), or really because they think e-cigs are bad news. Even firefighters have published a paper on how to combat the dangers associated with using e-cig.

Top "big-box" newspapers, such as the Daily Mail, The Independent, The Telegraph and The Guardian have headlines screaming alarming figures for home fires caused by electronic cigarettes. They publish disturbing stories blaming the charging devices as responsible for at least one fire a week. You have to read through the stories of recognizing the swollen details and the sensationalist manipulation of the truth.

For example, the reliable Daily Mail reports "e-cigarettes linked to 100 fires". The story began by mentioning that fire services in the UK attend at least one fire every week, suspecting that the spark was caused by e-cigs or their related devices. When reading this, you should keep in mind that the incidents mentioned take place over a period of two years. The data certainly are not as dramatic compared to the fires ignited by traditional cigarettes.

Searching for real statistics

All headlines forgot to mention some key statistics that compare the dangers of traditional e-cigs and cigarettes. Instead of offering perspective and context by presenting readers with all the information, news condemns e-cigs as explosive and dangerous, which can destroy homes and lives. However, the latest report from the UK government on fire statistics reveals where the real danger lies.

Smoking materials such as cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco are known to be the source of fire, causing more than a third of all deaths in household fires in 2012 and 2013. The 35 people were killed for every 1,000 fires. Fires triggered by cigarette lighters recorded the highest rate of injuries.

Compared with fires caused by e-cig batteries in the same two-year period, a total of 113 related fire-related calls were reported by major newspapers, with two fatalities. The current vaping population in the UK is 2.1 million in what statistics for e-cigs would be 27 accidental household fires per million vapers and 0.48 deaths from domestic fires by Every million vapers per year . Although this fatality remains so pitiful and sad, we can not lie to ourselves and ignore the fact that they are a much safer alternative to home fires.

Electronic cigarettes reduce tobacco-related fires

Statistics help in promoting the safety of electronic cigarettes on tobacco and other smoking products. Contrary to what I was showing in the media, there is security in the use of e-cigs, otherwise government would have strictly regulated the product. If unbalanced communication is favored, the e-cigarette industry may be affected as well as its potential to become a lifesaver for many. The figures are available to clearly demonstrate that vaping greatly reduces the number of deaths related to domestic fires.

Like other electronic devices that use batteries, chargers and other high-power mechanisms, it is necessary to apply security measures to prevent traf fi c incidents leading to fires. Both suppliers and consumers have a responsibility to provide and use safe products. Common sense dictates that safety is in using compatible chargers for the battery of your electronic cigarette and unplugging it when fully charged. Invest only in quality devices and purchase from trusted suppliers. Never charge or leave a charging device in the bed or near combustible materials. When it comes to e-cigs, it is best to be safe to ensure a pleasant vaping experience and quiet sleep in the evenings.

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