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Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping. (page 2)

The Risks of the vaping and the Electronic Cigarettes that we must take into account before vapear. (page 2)

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It can be safer compared to cigarettes, but it is also safer to fly in an airplane than to ride in a car and both can lead to an unpleasant death. The point is, we do not know for sure, there are not enough full studies and that is why sellers are not allowed to claim it is a safe alternative and I agree 100%, it is not.

If you have made the decision to vapear, know the facts as much as you can, you are letting chemicals that are not normally found in the lungs enter them, for that very reason you should understand that it is not "safe". When you buy Something from any vendor should do so with this in mind.

Vaping is a risk, a risk that you have to go in with your eyes open. Smoking kills for sure, we know, we do not even know what vaping does. Please keep this in mind.If you are not sure, do not vapee.