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Health risks for consumers of electronic cigarettes

ByMerak Marey PostedMARCH 18, 2015 Viewed16.8K

Ro Jordan, who works with the Erie County Health Department, recently told Buffalo News that "Little is what young developing minds know, any kind of smoking is an unhealthy way to hang out with friends. Only e-cigs are a health risk, but they are also not cheap. Yes, cheaper than cigarettes, but still a considerable expense. "

The disinformation of so many issues in the vaping makes it more difficult to be accepted by public health agencies. One of the main concerns is the reluctance to accept that almost all the vapers on the planet use electronic cigarettes used to quit or ex-smokers begin to use them to avoid a return to smoking.

Two major pieces of research on the efficacy of e-cigs to help stop smoking attempts have been unveiled this month.

At the University of Massachusetts (UMass), Boston, researchers found that regular use of electronic cigarettes benefits smokers who want to quit smoking.

In the study of 695 smokers in Dallas, Fort Worth and Indianapolis, researchers found that intensive users of wilting products were six times more likely to quit successfully than nonusers. An Intensive User is defined as someone who vapors at least once a day for a month or longer.

"This study provides strong support for the potential value of harm reduction of electronic cigarettes, which allow smokers to get the nicotine they want without exposing themselves to the 4,000 toxic chemicals in tobacco cigarettes," said Lois Biener , The principal investigator.

Meanwhile, Professor Frank Baeyens from the University of Louvain carried out a long-term study on the effects of e-cigs on smoking cessation.

His Belgian team studied 48 smokers who expressed no desire to stop smoking. The split into three groups, two were supplied with second generation tank style devices (but allowed the option of using them or not) and the third continued to smoke cigarettes during the first two months of the study. After this stage, they were also provided with electronic cigarette kits.

During the first eight weeks, subjects took part in laboratory sessions before being monitored through questionnaires for the next six months.

The team found that after four hours of abstinence from smoking an e-cig had the same effect as a cigarette in reducing nicotine cravings. The news confirms e-cig's ability to replace cigarettes and was backed by astounding results. During the test period the group measured a 60% drop in cigarette smoking rates, and about half of the subjects (who did not want to quit!) Had quit smoking.

Both studies add to the anecdotal evidence of so many vapers that electronic cigarettes help people quit, and that they work better than other forms of NRT and act to keep people away from re-smoking.

"This shows that restrictions on the availability of nicotine-containing liquids can have devastating effects, causing a relapse to smoking by preventing smokers from using effective e-cigarettes," said Konstantinos Farsalinos; Conclusion of great relevance while e-liquid containing nicotine was banned for sale in Belgium.

Could these studios win the likes of Ro Jordan? Maybe that's not the important thing, maybe the diffusion of results to the smoking community is.

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