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He explodes an electronic cigarette and starts a fire in an Idaho house. (page 1)

Even without fire, e-cigarettes can still pose a fire hazard. An electronic cigarette set off a fire in Idaho Monday night after the battery exploded due to overload. (page 1)

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Authorities say that with the popularity of electronic cigarettes growing, so too are the number of incidents with them.
Burns said, "The smoke alarm started to make her screech, my mom actually woke her up to the smoke alarm, came out, and barely saw the burning fire, she started shouting at everyone, when she left My room, there were only flames, that's all I could see. "

e-cig explosion causes fire

Burns continued: "If the smoke alarm had not sounded, none of us would have awakened, you know, none of us would have been able to reach the door because it would have been blocked by the flames and we would all be dead."

Many times authorities have recommended not to put devices (not just electronic cigarettes) on top of furniture such as sofas or beds or the like. Remember that like any other device can fail and cause accidents, therefore it is important to always take into account safety measures.