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He explodes an electronic cigarette and starts a fire in an Idaho house.

Even without fire, e-cigarettes can still pose a fire hazard. An electronic cigarette set off a fire in Idaho Monday night after the battery exploded due to overload.

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Idaho firefighters said an e-cigarette exploded and set off a fire, while a family of four slept at home. Thanks to the smoke alarm, Jason Burns and his parents were able to quickly turn off a fire in the living room with a fire extinguisher.

Damage to the house was very limited. Fire investigators said an electronic cigarette connected to a portable computer was the culprit of the fire. Apparently due to an overload, it overheated and exploded, sending parts that flew to the furniture.

<pKootenai County Fire Marshal Jeryl Archer said: "The battery was overloaded and exploded. The rear cover flew to pieces and blew fragments lit in all directions, which caused the fire to start on the sofa in the house."