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Formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes (page 1)

Formaldehyde can be found in tobacco smoke, and according to a recent study on electronic cigarettes ... and perhaps in many other places more (page 1)

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What many people do not know is that our bodies produce and use formaldehyde as part of our normal metabolism (Final Report on Cancerous Background Paper for Formaldehyde [PDF], 2010). When we are exposed to methanol (for example, through inhalation or ingestion of foods such as citrus fruits and juices, vegetables or fermented beverages), our bodies are broken down into formaldehyde and other byproducts. Our bodies produce formaldehyde as a result of DNA demethylation (an important process for controlling gene expression, for example in embryo development) and other biological processes. It is such a regular part of human metabolism, that our naturally occurring normal blood concentrations are generally about 2 - 3μg formaldehyde per gram of blood (or about 2.12-3.18μg/mL) *. And it is actually a very important chemical product; Our body uses formaldehyde to form DNA and amino acids (toxicological profile for formaldehyde [PDF], ATSDR, 1999).

Role in Metabolism Formaldehyde plays an essential role in metabolism. As part of the metabolic process, formaldehyde, either from an external source or produced by our body, becomes formate (PDF) by the enzyme dehydrogenase formaldehyde. The resulting format can be eliminated by urine, subdivided into CO2 and exhaled, or used by our cellular machinery to synthesize nucleotides and nitrogenous bases, such as purines and thymidine.

Purines are two of the four basic blocks of DNA: adenine and guanine. When formaldehyde is converted into a format, the body can then use it to synthesize these basic blocks of life.

Likewise, thymidine, also called deoxythymidine, is an integral part of life. It is a nucleoside, which is a class of compounds that are components of nucleic acids; In other words, you need to make thymidine thymine nucleic acid. They also perform a lot of other important functions. Nucleosides mediate hormone signaling and play a role in blood pressure and energy transfer, among other things (Jucker, 1993). Formaldehyde provides your body with the necessary compounds to synthesize thymidine. As with slurry, if your body stopped using formaldehyde to make these basic compounds, so, all your worries would disappear, you would already be dead.