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EQ Cigs, the opportunity to vapear without ties

EQ Electronic Cigarettes are one of the brands that offer the most comfort to the vapeadores in Spain

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EQ Cigs is a different brand of electronic cigarettes, apart from its refined design, it is the brand that more comforts offers us to be able to vault in freedom, without ties to USB cables, liquid of recargaâ € |

What first attracts us to the attention of these electronic cigarettes is its design, light and elegant, inspired by that of a traditional cigarette. What would be the brown mouthpiece of a traditional cigarette equates in an EQ Cigs to a filter with disposable atomizer. The part equivalent to the tobacco itself in the traditional is the rechargeable battery that has an LED on the end that lights up and blinks when it is running out. In addition, with a protective silicone element, the steam does not escape.

The refills of EQ Cigs are not like other liquid cigarettes with which to recharge. In the case of this e-cigar filters contain the recharge itself. There are filters of many flavors with or without nicotine and are sold in boxes of 5 for about 10 euros. Each filter has an integrated atomizer, whereby at each recharge a fundamental piece of the blower device is being renewed. Each filter has a duration equivalent to a packet of tobacco being its price and its toxins much lower than those of tobacco. Thus, with each recharge we are allowing an optimal vaping, as the intensity of the same depends a lot on the atomizer state.

Finally, something that adds freedom to the > vaping with EQ Cigs is your recharge box. A pack similar to the normal cigarette pack, made with a rubber material, flexible and quality, that monitors the recharge of the batteries for when you were away from home.