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Electronic Cigarettes prohibited in the EU under new legislation

Loss electronic cigarettes could well be banned or highly restricted in the European Union under this new legislation.

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After the European Parliament's historic decision not to regulate e-cigs as medicines, the EU Commission - the EU arm responsible for proposing legislation - has gone ahead and proposed a hugely disproportionate approach to the regulation of E- cigs. It is so extreme that it does not go too far by suggesting that, if passed, it would constitute a ban on the vast majority of e-cigs in the market. If you are a vaper in the EU and you enjoy delicious flavors, buy anything from other countries, whether they are use tanks or rechargeable cartridges, or buy e-liquids of more than 20 mg/ml nicotine, This goes on, you can kiss in a farewell to your electronic cigarette. Needless to say you have to oppose this bill is essential for any interested vapeador of the EU.

What are you suggesting to regulate e-cigarettes?

There is a wide range of disturbing suggestions in the legislation proposed by the EU Commission,

  • A maximum concentration of nicotine e-liquid of 20 mg/ml (despite the proposed EU Parliament of 30 mg/ml limit).
  • Refillable cartridges or refuse containers will not be permitted. Single-use cartomizers
  • No more than 10 mg of nicotine in any single cartridge.
  • No to the flavors that are no longer available in NRT (eg Nicorette chewing gum is available in a pathetic four flavors), "particularly those that may be appealing to young people And non-smokers. "
  • requires that e-cigs only "deliver nicotine doses consistently and uniformly."
  • Only high purity ingredients free of contaminants will be used in the manufacture of e-liquid.
  • Prohibit cross-border sales (so no purchase from other countries online). Advertising ban, except in commercial publications, or "any form of public or private contribution to an event, activity or individual whose purpose or effect is direct or indirect promotion of electronic cigarettes" As long as they are involved or are carried out in several member states (or if they have "transboundary effects").
  • Request that manufacturers and importers collect and provide a wide range of information, including annual sales volumes, information on preferences of consumer groups such as nonsmokers and young people (as well as "Main types of current consumers").
  • Manufacturers, importers or distributors should establish and maintain a system for collecting information on all possible adverse effects.
As you see, idiotic regulation makes the development of the electronic cigarette industry almost impossible, we only hope that at some point the common sense of our "leaders" prevails. Do not you think?