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Electronic Cigarettes considered illegal in Mexico - Two shops closed in the capital (page 1)

Mexico Consider illegal electronic cigarettes, seizes 9,455 units and closes two stores in the capital (page 1)

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Apparently, the attempt to explain why these stores are being closed is accompanied by a lot of electronic cigarette reviews. Ã lvaro PÃ rez Vega of COFEPRIS said: "These are products that have not been confirmed anywhere in the world to have the necessary safety, quality and efficiency to replace tobacco use, but unfortunately people believe that Are a viable way to quit when there is no evidence of it. "

Of course there is evidence, but that does not matter. Around the world - at least when it comes to electronic cigars - political rhetoric stifles science. People just say what they want to say. Some additional comments were made to the media by an addiction specialist, who commented (even more stupidly) that those responsible "never say how much" nicotine is present in e-liquids They make, each e-liquid bottle says its nicotine concentration), and that "[the]" smoke "really is not water vapor. Manufacturers include propylene glycol and diethylene glycol, which are highly irritating types of alcohol."

The FDA's analysis - the only type of analysis to find diethyleneglycol in an e-liquid - was conducted in 2009, and is still being brought out when people need to make e-cigarettes look bad . Why? Because there is no other reasonable reason at all to be against vaping.

And this is especially true if you are in a country like Mexico, where the smoking rate is around 37% for men (although much lower for women, at 12.4%). Electronic cigarettes have more potential to reduce this percentage (in almost all counties) than any recent technology or approach, or even potentially throughout the history of tobacco use. The reason for this is that they are fun! You get your nicotine, you can still enjoy something very similar to smoking, but do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. However, the fact that e-cigs can actually be enjoyed is undoubtedly the reason for the reaction: how dare we try to consume nicotine in a recreational and safe way!