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Electronic Cigarettes considered illegal in Mexico - Two shops closed in the capital

Mexico Consider illegal electronic cigarettes, seizes 9,455 units and closes two stores in the capital

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Mexico's health authorities have closed two e-cigarette stores in Mexico City, seizing nearly 9,500 devices and citing the technical illegality of e-cigarettes in the country. The action has been taken under the General Tobacco Control Act, which - despite not having originally electronic cigarettes in mind - has been considered to apply to e-cigarettes. Prior to this attack, only about 2,200 devices had been seized, and this may be an indication that authorities are planning on intensifying activity against vaping.

The closure of the stores was carried out by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS), which seized its largest shipment - 9,455 devices and accessories - under existing laws. In the last two years, only about 11,700 e-cigs and accessories have been seized, so this month's event is the first very substantial effort against electronic cigarettes happened to date, as more and more m The people in Mexico begin to falter. According to the authorities, these electronic cigarettes are entering "smuggling" from China.

The measure is permitted under Article 16 of the General Tobacco Control Act, which provides that it is illegal to sell, trade, distribute, produce, promote or display any non-tobacco product that resembles a tobacco product in tea Design terms, branding elements or even sound. This was originally meant to stop selling things like candy cigarettes but it is easy to see how it could be argued that electronic cigarettes are included in this description.

Why are they being so hard with e-cigarettes? Same old nonsense ..