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E-Liquid: What is the right concentration for me?

Learn here how to choose the liquid of your electronic cigarette and its correct concentration so that your vaping is a memorable experience!

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When it comes to deciding on the liquid of your electronic cigarette, you want to do things right. Every decision in this process is very important; however, the correct choice of nicotine concentration is one of the first and foremost factors and can make all the difference between success and failure in nicotine. Use of their electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional tobacco.

Before we came across this witty little gadget called electronic cigarette, I probably had no idea there was such a thing as liquid nicotine. We all associate nicotine with tobacco cigarettes, or maybe nicotine gum or patch in the majority. You now know that liquid electronic cigarettes form a key component in what makes an e-cig so effective for many people, but it can also scare consumers because of the negative association that has been credited to nicotine In the last few years.

You will be surprised to know that nicotine by itself, and in moderation, is not really bad for you. In fact, there are studies that point to the positive effects of nicotine use. Studies have shown that nicotine can help you focus, increase your cognitive process, and even help treat the symptoms of depression and Alzheimer's disease.

Choosing the right nicotine strength has a lot to do with how much you smoke and what type of cigarettes you smoke. Let's look at the basic parameters in accordance with the most popular electronic cigarette liquid standards on the market right now: