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E Cigar replaces cigars and tobaccos (page 1)

Are The E Cigar's A New Trend? Maybe if for those who want to continue enjoying a good cigar with style without smoking or disturbing those around us (page 1)

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The surprising thing is that the new e-cigar does not feel like a compromise. They already come even wrapped in paper, with a chewable tip, and above all, do not disturb anyone. And the guillotine will no longer be confiscated at the airport during the full body scanner.

In recent years, governments have added many regulations to tobacco and to the act of smoking in public, which is why many entrepreneurial companies have pushed the "electronic cigarettes", which makes a lot of sense considering cigarettes. Smoke mainly by a blow of nicotine.

But some connoisseurs of this art renounce the e-cigar as they consider that they lose the essence, arguing that e cigar will never be able to replicate the taste or texture of a traditional cigar.

"Flavorless water vapor loses the sense of a product that is about taste, balance and complexity." Argues an experienced regular consumer of cigars.