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Does it affect my pets the steam of my electronic cigar? (page 1)

It is possible that the propylene glycol contained in the vapor of an electronic cigarette can affect your pets. (page 1)

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 Propylene Glycol was used as a preservative and a source of carbohydrates in cat food (cheap) until 1992, and although it is still used in food for the rest of the animals (and ours), the FDA officially declared that it is Unsafe for cats in 1996. Onions also cause Heinz bodies in cats, which is why they should also stay off the menu.

Should I worry about using an E-Cat around my cat?
The fact that the problem was detected because Propylene Glycol was put into cats' food until The 90s should dispel some fears right away. Research has shown that the effect is dose-dependent: in the test, five weeks of feeding of cats with Propylene Glycol in foods as the amounts (1.6 g per kg body weight) increased the percentage of bodies of Heinz at 28, and after three weeks of eating higher amounts (8 g per kg) were increased to 92 percent.

For an ordinary cat (weighing about 4 kg), the lowest dose used in the study would be 6.4 grams (or about 12 percent of its diet), which is a hell of a lot more in Comparison with the amounts you can actually expect a cat inhaling to be in the room with someone who is vap. If you are going to mix e-liquid and allow your cat to literally drink from your Propylene Glycol, then, obviously, there would be some cause for concern, but if you are just using an e-gg there is very little to worry about.

The best advice is to simply exercise some caution about where the steam blows, as in, do not blow directly into your cat's face (even if it's fun), and do not vapear over your food or water. The goal of the game is to minimize the exposure of your cat, but as long as you avoid these more obvious forms of exposure the vaporized Propylene Glycol is nothing to worry about.