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Choose: A Son or an Electronic Cigarette

A couple in Europe is rejected in their adoption process because one parent uses an electronic cigarette

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After investing more than 20,000 pounds sterling (about $ 30,500) in failed fertility treatments, a Staffordshire County couple decided to adopt. But what would not be his surprise to learn that the ruthless County Council officials deny that benefit. The reason? .. the future father uses an electronic cigarette.

The current figures, according to the British Association for Development (BAAF) Adoption and Statistics, is that 68,840 children reside in the public care in England. The number of children successfully adopted from care in loving families runs between the pitifully low figures of 4-5,000 each year.

The couple underwent extensive research procedure which included medical examinations, interviews, and having to demonstrate a solid character and the ability to care for children economically. But the endless progress (taking more than a year) hit a rock when a social worker witnessed the "unacceptable" vaping.

Based on the misconception that VAPING is the same as smoking, the social worker has sent an e-mail to the couple stating, "In case both become non-smokers or e-smokers during a period of 12 months, then you could of course re-apply. "