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CDC Lies About Using Electronic Cigarettes Part 2 (page 1)

CDC Lies About Electronic Cigar Usage in Elementary and High School Youth Part 2 (page 1)

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A recent article in New Scientist magazine illustrates the extent to which critics of electronic cigarettes are cheating on the public:

[Brian] Rey [Epidemiologist with CDC's Office on Tobacco and Health] says the CDC rejects any notion that the substitution of cigarettes with electronic cigarettes is positive, and claims that electronic cigarettes are actually driving the Young people start smoking, not just taking the place of cigarettes. "In just one year, the number of children using hookahs has doubled, and the number of children using electronic cigarettes seems to have tripled," he says. "These increases are driving an increase in the total number of our children who are using tobacco products for the first time in a generation."

Again, this is true only if you insist on being called cigarettes and tobacco products, which are not. Michael Siegel, a professor of public health at Boston University who used to work at the CDC, asks, "How can the CDC possibly assert that a young smoker who completely changes to electronic cigar use is not a good thing? "

Contrary to the impression left by the CDC, regular vaping, unlike experimentation, appears to be much more common among smokers attempting to quit or reduce than among people who have never tried tobacco. That's true for teenagers and adults.