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Battle of opinions on Electronic Cigarettes

Continues the battle of opinions on the effects of secondhand vapor from Electronic Cigarettes in the city of Los Angeles.

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The use of electronic cigarettes in public places has been a hot topic among local government officials. City councils in New York and Chicago have already voted to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes in the same way they treat tobacco use, which means that the vaping will soon be banned in any public where smoking is also prohibited. Los Angeles has announced a plan to modify its own smoke-free law to include electronic cigarettes, on the grounds that its vapor contains toxins and carcinogenic substances. According to a report submitted to the LA Parks, Health, Aging and Rivers committee by city attorney Michael Feuer, recent studies have also found that there are levels of lead, chromium, nickel, and nicotine In the second-hand vapor of electronic cigarettes. Prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is prohibited, Feuer argues, is necessary in order to protect viewers from involuntary inhalation of the vapor they emit. But...

While studies on electronic cigarettes have in fact found trace elements and compounds in passive steam, it has not been detected at levels that warrant a public health concern. A recent study by Dr. Igor Burstyn analyzed more than 9,000 observations of e-cigarette vapor content reported in several peer reviews and other literature studies, and concluded that second-hand vapor exposure posed no concern to tranceers . However, lawmakers seem to exclude the results of their proposals. In addition, they seem to not realize that a high percentage of the components in second hand electronic cigarette vapor already exists in the smoke free air and can be attributed to the natural production of the human body. After conducting a not-so-extensive research, I had the opportunity (non-scientific) to compare the electronic cigarette vapor components with those of human respiration emissions and outdoor air at three Los Angeles locations. In short, passive steam can be no more harm (and probably much better odor) than steam-free human breathing and even the outside air.

Five of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) detected in various studies with electronic cigarette smoke have also been found in human respiration emissions (acetaldehyde, acetone, butanone, formaldehyde And isoprene).

  • Five of the volatile organic compounds found in electronic cigarette steam were also detected in trace amounts of outdoor air at three sites in Los Angeles (Acetaldehyde, benzene, formaldehyde, m, p - xyelene, and toluene).
  • Five of the metals that have been detected in electronic cigarette steam were also found in comparable amounts in outdoor air LA (Aluminum, iron, magnesium, potassium and sulfur).
  • This shows that much of what has been detected in studies of passive steam can be attributed to natural production by the human body.

    Although VOCs and metals have been found in electronic cigarette vapor, human respiration and outside air, all have been detected at levels within the limits of regulated and recommended exposure.