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Are the Electronic Cigar companies pointing their marketing to children and young people?

Are the flavored electronic cigars pointing to the market for youngsters and children? Or is it just another rumor to discredit the industry?

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Electronic cigars have not been developed with the intention of becoming a product to help people quit smoking. In fact, electronic cigars have only been developed to be an alternative to traditional tobacco. The products have recently been subject to criticism stating that they promote smoking in children because of the e-cigarette flavored cartridges that are offered in the market. Companies and manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim that they do not want to promote smoking for children and that they just want to offer variety to their adult consumers.

E-cigars have been a difficult time, not only for anti-smoking campaigns, but for the FDA as well. Electronic cigars have been banned in Canada and in many other countries as they are classified as a tobacco product. Even the FDA is currently trying to get the same rating for electronic cigars in the United States. The question is, why do not they put the same or greater effort in penalizing even more the actual tobacco, than if it is proven that it does much more damage ?. 5 million people die from tobacco each year in the United States.

The issue comes down to whether or not cigar brands like the electronic cigarette blu are pointing to Children, like the great tobacco companies did in the past with their Campaigns of Joe the Cartoon Camel.

Being targeted, most e-cigar brands are not targeting children with their flavored refill cartridge options (read: e-cigar tastes are not aimed at minors) . These companies are only meant to offer as many flavors as possible to their adult audience.