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Are electronic cigarettes infecting PCs with viruses and malware? The last story of fear

Electronic cigarettes could be the cause that your PC is infected with viruses or malware.

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If you have been following the news, cigarettes or ecigs have been accused of being the cause of fires, explosives, filled with liquid poison, and designed to kill your children or make them addicted to tobacco. Users of these ecigs, however, have learned to take these preposterous "stories" with tolerance and even with humor. In reality, fires and explosions are incredibly rare (and possible with any device that has a battery) and the hypothesis that leads to smoking is a complete fantasy. But the cries of alarmism and exaggeration continue to come, and the newest attempt barely revealed to fuel the fear of electronic cigarettes is a curiosity: electronic cigarettes can infect your computer with malware or viruses.

The alleged report is based on a post from Reddit. The origin is in a large corporation, and tells the story of an executive with a problematic infection on his computer. It had anti-virus and anti-malware updated to date, and its web logs were investigated for a possible source of the infection, all to no avail. In the end, he was asked if anything had changed in his life recently, and he told me that he had been using an e-cigarette for a couple of weeks. The result: the Chinese-made USB charger contained a coded malware program. His e-cig had infected his computer with malware, as a kind of digitalized sexually transmitted disease.

This sort of thing has been happening for several years, with devices like MP3 players, GPS devices and digital photo frames. There is also a proof-of-concept approach called BadUSB, which involves USB reprogramming devices (such as ordinary removable storage drives) to infect computers. The fact that antimalware scanners can not access the firmware on USB drives makes it more difficult to detect, and according to SRLabs (the group behind BadUSB) even reinstalling the operating system can not help , Since I do not know the root of the problem.

So, I'll be infected with malware if I load my E-Cig on my PC ?. In short, probably not. News agencies have alerted in this incident, but it is important to remember that it is only a report. Of course, you will certainly hear what happened to others (unless that company has only sold an infected device), however, the fact that e-cig USB chargers have been increasingly widespread since 2008 and This is the first report of an incident, shows that it is very rare.