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Anti-tobacco law in the EU

New Anti-Tobacco Law is promoted in the European Union. The new law will place new restrictions on the way tobacco products are manufactured and promoted

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European Union diplomats passed new anti-smoking legislation on Wednesday which place new restrictions on how products are made and sold.

Image and text warnings will have to cover 65 percent of the front and back packets of cigarettes and other smoking tobacco products. Current EU law required written health warnings to cover only 30 percent of the front of a package and 40 percent of the back of the package, but the images are not mandatory.

Text warnings will include phrases like "Smoking kills - quit now" and "Tobacco smoke contains more than 70 substances known to cause cancer."

Different governments will be free to go beyond the minimum requirements and impose a ban on the entire brand, provided that such "generic packaging" rules are justified for public health reasons and will be notified To the European Commission.