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7 Helpful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette for You.

These 7 tips will be very useful when choosing the electronic cigarette to buy and avoid a terribly common bad experience.

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Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming the cigarette option for many today's smokers. They can be smoked in many places where traditional cigarettes are banned, and smokers do not have to worry about the smells of cigarettes, cigarette breath, or ashes.

However, all electronic cigarettes are not created equal. Here are 7 points that you should consider when choosing an electronic cigarette: Durable, Quality Batteries: Electronic cigarette battery is the lifeblood of electronic cigarettes. You should make sure that your battery is powerful enough to last through a hotel day - at least 300 puffs to make it worthwhile. It is also important to make sure that the battery is durable as the battery Will keep in your pocket all day long and should be safe to withstand a series of accidental knocks.

Ease of use: When electronic cigarettes were first introduced on the market, they used a 3-piece design. This design requires smokers to manually fill e-cigs with a liquid, which often tends to spill and reach everywhere, staining clothing and furniture. It also contained a reusable atomizer that clogged and reduced performance with use.

Nowadays the industry standard is the 2 piece design. This design makes replacing the electronic cigarette cartridge very easy, since the cartridge comes pre-filled with the smoking liquid. It also contains a fresh atomizer in each replacement, ensuring a fresh experience with every puff. To replace that cartridge, simply unscrew the used cartridge (cartomizer) and screw in a new one. Be sure to choose an electronic cigarette that has a 2-piece design.