Vaping - Law reform moves to the Senate

The Indianapolis Senate in the United States reviews a law related to the vaping that grants monopoly powers to a company for the manufacture of eliquido

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INDIANAPOLIS - A state Senate panel has advanced a bill to drastically revise Indiana's vaping industry law in 2016 which granted a monopoly to a company and sparked an FBI summer investigation past.

The measure of Sen. Randy Head of the Republican Senate in Logansport was passed Wednesday in an 8-1 vote, clearing the way for the bill to be taken over by the full Senate.

Legislators passed a vaping law last year ostensibly to ensure the safety of consumers. Strict safety standards were imposed on manufacturers of the "e-liquid" nicotine used in vaping.

But Mulaupts Inc., based in Lafayette, was the only company that was trained to handle security permits for producers under the law. And Mulhaupt approved only six companies to produce.