The V2 Electronic Cigarettes arrive in Spain (page 1)

Buying Electronic Cigarettes in Madrid and Barcelona is already easier. V2 arrives in the European Union. (page 1)

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Governments around the world have struggled with the regular way of electronic cigarettes since their appearance and growing popularity in recent years. Many claim that behind all this opposition there is nothing more than the interests of the great tobacco companies who see in an electronic cigarette a formidable and flawless competitor

Supporters say they are a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes and a valuable tool to help smokers quit smoking.

However, the World Health Organization has warned against them, saying its potential health risk "remains undetermined." In October European lawmakers rejected an attempt to classify electronic cigarettes as medicinal products, which have Restricting their sale to pharmacies.
But the states and legislators of the European Union agreed on Wednesday to regulate the nicotine content, both in the appliances and the refills will be regulated.

About seven million Europeans have turned to electronic cigarettes in the past four years.