The use of electric cigars is fired among young people in the USA

The use of electric cigars explodes among young people, according to a federal report in the United States

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WASHINGTON - A new federal study has found that the use of electronic cigarettes among teenagers has outpaced traditional cigarette use, while smoking has continued to decline. Health advocates say that the trend for electronic cigar use is dangerous because it is making smoking seem normal again. They are also worried that it could lead to an increase in tobacco use, even though the new data does not show that.

The study, released Tuesday by the National Institute on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, has measured use this year among middle and high school students across the country. More than 41,000 students from 377 public and private schools participated. It is one of several such national surveys, and the date updated, more.

It was the first time that a survey on the use of electronic cigarettes was seen, so there was no comparative data on the change over time. Other studies have shown that the use of electronic cigarettes among high school and high school students will be much lower, but is increasing rapidly.

"The numbers are impressive," said Matthew L. Myers, president of the Tobacco Free Campaign for Children, a advocacy group.