The best brands of Electronic Cigarette

The best brands of Electronic Cigarettes in the market.

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Which are the best brands of electronic cigarettes ?. Many wonder the same thing. In recent times the competition has become extremely strong. So much so that even the big tobacco companies have made their bets, trying to secure a position in the huge market that grows more and more every day.

The relationship between electronic cigarettes and "Big Tobacco" is complicated, since they are technically the industries that compete with each other for the same nicotine market. However, the three American tobacco giants, RJ Reynolds, Lorillard and now Altria, as well as British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco, have now made their move into the best e-cigs, evidently recognizing a relevant and promising investment opportunity when Is presented.

Here is a brief review of the incursions of tobacco giants in the industry of the best e-cigs:

Altria Group - Green Smoke

Electronic Cigarette GreenSmoke Altria Group Has decided to buy the cigarettes for the modest price of $ 110 million dollars. Altria is apparently betting heavily on the e-cigs market as Altria's proprietary e-cig, the Markten, is still in testing in Arizona and Indiana.