Smokio Electronic Cigarette. First time you use "smart" and "smoking" in the same sentence

The first smart electronic cigarette made by Smokio comes to light.

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Well, it had to happen, right? Someone had to "plug in" an electronic cigarette later or earlier. Smokio is preparing to launch its electronic cigarette to the market along with its applications for iOS and Android. smart smokio electronic cigarette

So that you can control smoking, the new device allows you to check the status of the battery and regulate the amount of steam you are receiving with each puff. You can even mark on a map all the places you have been smoking with the "thing", and if you need some kind of positive reinforcement, the apps will show you the equivalent number of analog cigarettes that you would have smoked if you had not changed And values ​​the physiological factors that have improved since using an e-cig.

Smokio is listed as "available soon" on the company's website, even without price information. Apparently they will begin shipping next month, following the completion of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.