Scientific Study: Can I Use Electronic Cigarettes During Pregnancy?

A new study provides information on whether it is safe and risky to use electronic cigarettes during pregnancy.

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Smoking during pregnancy has long been known to put the baby at risk, but definitely the same can not be said for nicotine replacement therapy with electronic cigars.

In practice, many physicians recommend nicotine replacement therapy for pregnant smokers because there is a general belief that it is safer than smoking, but nicotine crosses the placental barrier, so it has been shown Which has effects differently from smoking tobacco.

 Studies conducted in India have confirmed that smokeless tobacco outcomes influence weight reduction at birth, and there is evidence of an effect on the mother's and fetus's heart from the use of nicotine replacement therapy, but The effect is small, apart from the fact that very large doses have been used in animal studies. However, unrefined oral tobacco used (chewing tobacco known as "snus") in India may worsen the results.

However, there was still an (albeit smaller) impact on the baby in this research, as Professor Brad Rodu of the University of Louisville points out: